Fenerbahce Sportclub - Istanbul

Fenerbahce Sportclub – Istanbul, Planning of a Shopping City Concept – Energy Passes with Austrian passive Architect Ms. Szeider March 2009

Firm Doka - The Formwork Experts

Planning and implementation of a customer survey to improve market potential and the development of the business concept for the Turkish market 2007

Biomass Projekt FH–PINKAFELD

Biomass Project FH – PINKAFELD Juni 2009
„Engineering of a system for collecting straw-biomass“


Thesis at TU – VIENNA JUNI 2005
„The use of the Ecological Footprint in Traffic Planning and the
Comparison of the Passenger Traffic Structure between Istanbul
and Vienna with this method”

Waste Certificate - ÖWAV

Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV)