About us

"We support firms in the area of renewable energy & environmental technologies in their activities in the World ."

Gökhan Yildirim, Dipl.Ing.

Born July 4, 1976 in Istanbul

Study of Engineering at the Technical University
Yildiz in Istanbul (BSc.)

Diploma studies (MSc) at the Technical University Vienna


Study focus on 

integrative traffic planning and transport
planning and management of municipalities

Master's thesis

«The use of the Ecological Footprint in Traffic Planning and the Comparison of
the Passenger Traffic Structure between Istanbul and Vienna with this method»

Further education

Management College – Intensive course in buisiness management / WIFI
Diploma course in project management / BFI ÖWAV course 


Professional experience

1993 - 2003 Yildirim Electronics Wholesale, Istanbul
2006 - 2007 Austrian DOKA FORMWORKS LTD.
  International projects and marketing
2007 - 2008 REHAU - Unlimited Polymer Solutions,
  Marketing, distribution and control in South East Europe
March 2009 Founding of Reviesta Consulting Group, Environmental Technologies e.U.
Nov 2009 Founding of Reviesta Türkiye in Istanbul